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Who are mentors?

Americans who decide to make a difference by helping their New Neighbors are at all stages of life--singles, families with children, or pairs of friends who want to team together.

No special skills, languages, or education are required to be a good mentor.

Global Neighbors provides training and resources for every new mentor. You just bring your patience, compassion, listening ears, and curiousity.

Are you ready to mentor?


Mentoring a refugee or non-English speaking family is incredibly rewarding, and the payoffs to your new neighbor(s) are enormous. Click the blue button below below to sign up! You can also print the PDF and scan or snail-mail it to us.

What do 

mentors do?

Mentors share 1 hour per week, for 6 months, tutoring and introducing their mentee families to American life. Activities vary from family to family, and according to your abilities, but frequently include English practice, homework tutoring, culture swapping, driving practice, exploring the community, and sharing meals together.

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Ready to change your life?



We would love to talk to you about what mentoring looks like and how we support our volunteers. Please give us a call (701-595-0135) or click below to reach out online.


Sign Up

If you're ready to volunteer, click below to fill out a volunteer form!


Background Check

This is to protect our newly arrived and low-English speaking New Americans, who are a vulnerable population. The cost is approximately $35. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with us!


Christi, mentor

It's been an amazing, educational, overwhelming, satisfying, frustrating, and emotional experience!  Everyone should do this at least once!


mentor/board member

In spite of differences in skin color, languages or religions we all have the same basic needs of love and friendship.


Beth, mentor

I gained more from the experience than my mentee, I'm sure. I have new cultural insights and appreciation for the growing diversity in our community.

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